Marine Protected Areas in Singapore

Marine Protected Areas in SINGAPORE

– Source: Asean Regional Centre for Biodiveristy Conservation, 2002.

Background facts

Biogeographic Divisions East Asian Seas VI (22)
Coastline 193 km (WRI 1994)
Population 2.9 M (MacKinnon 1997)
Population density 4600/km2
Land area 636 km2 (MacKinnon 1997)
Shelf to 200m depth 640 km2
EEZ none
Est. Coral Reef Area
Est. Mangrove Area 22 km2 (MacKinnon 1997)
No. of islands 60
No. of MPAs 2 (2 others are terrestrial parks with marine components)
Total Area of MPAs 1,067 km2


Marine Protected Areas in Singapore

List of marine protected areas (table)

Reefs at risk

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