Regional and Country Statistics

ASEANstats – Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Provides key and macroeconomic indicators, trade, FDI, and tourism. Also see ASEAN statistical publications. 

Asian Development Bank – Economics & Statistics, including:

Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific – UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Recent analysis and statistics on the countries of the region and specific issues.  Some issues also in print, Main Library Stacks HC411 .U56

Maritime Knowledge Centre
SeaLibrary is the on-line bibliographic catalogue of the Maritime Knowledge Centre’s collections of books, conference proceedings, key IMO documents, articles, videos and DVD’s.

World Development Indicators (full version) Middlebury College & Licensed Users Only
The full subscription version of World Development Indicators includes over 800 time series statistics for countries of the world.

World Bank Key Development Data and Statistics
Provides free access to “the most widely-used, official-source development data from the World Bank and other international agencies.” It includes a small subset of the data from World Development Indicators.

The World FactBook – U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
Basic facts and statistics on countries of the world and other entities.

International Database (IDB) – U.S. Census Bureau
Demographic and socio-economic data for 227 regions and countries.

Penn World Tables 6.2
Statistics are primarily economic indicators, but it also includes population, construction, and standard of living indicators. Some data for 30-year period.

UNData – United Nations and other agencies
Formerly called UN Common Database. Most data is annual. Covers a diverse range of topics including socio-economic, environmental, health, and more. See also additional UN Databases. See the UN Monthly Bulletin of Statistics for updates and monthly data for some statistics.

Lexis-Nexis Statistical UniverseMiddlebury College & Licensed Users Only
Includes statistics on topics such as energy, environment, and development.  Also includes Statistical DataSets with additional international statistics.

Environmental Statistics

Environment in East Asia and Pacific (World Bank)
Provides links to World Bank data and environmental information for this region.

Little Green Data Book (World Bank)
Has environmental statistics from the World Development Indicators by region, income group, and country.

EarthTrends – World Resources Institute
Statistics on coastal & marine ecosystems; water resources and freshwater ecosystems; economics, business & the environment; energy resources; and other topics. Includes country profiles, data tables, maps, and more.

FAOSTAT – UN Food & Agriculture Organization
Free Statistical Databases with time series statistics on agriculture, fisheries, forestry, land use, population, and more.

State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) – UN Food & Agriculture Organization
“A comprehensive, objective and global view of capture fisheries and aquaculture, including associated policy issues.” Published every 2 years.

Global Environment Outlook Data Portal (UNEP)
Data sets used by the UN Environment Programme for their reports.

China Fisheries – US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Note: this site has been “retired” and does not appear to be updated any longer.

International Energy Information – U.S. Energy Information Administration
Current and historical data on energy sources, use, and prices. See especially the International Petroleum Statistics Report.

International Security and Military Statistics

FIRST: Facts on International Relations and Security Trends
A country profiles database from SIPRI and ISN that compiles international relations and security information from a variety of sources.  Topics include armed conflicts, peacekeeping, weapons and other military data, human rights reports, etc.

The Military Balance

London: Oxford University Press and International Institute for Strategic Studies, Annual
Main Library Reference and Stacks UA15 .L65

SIPRI Yearbook [year]: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security
Oxford: Oxford University Press and Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Annual.
Covers developments in arms control, disarmament, military spending, and international security.
Main Library Reference UA10 .S69 Latest year (earlier years in stacks)

SIPRI International Security Databases
Databases include FIRST; Arms Industry; Arms Transfers; Multilateral Peace Operations; and Military Expenditure Databases.

Strategic Survey [year]: An Evaluation and Forecast of World Affairs (Print Source)
London: Oxford University Press and International Institute for Strategic Studies, Annual
Main Library Reference U162 .S77 Latest Year (earlier years in stacks)

Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, and Piracy

World Drug Report  (UN Office on Drugs and Crime)
Note: In 2004, UNODC merged Global Illicit Drug Trends and the World Drug Report.

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons (UN Office on Drugs and Crime)
See their publications and links.

IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (ICC Commercial Crime Services)
Includes a live map of piracy attacks and an annual piracy report.

Piracy – Asia-Pacific Area Network (APAN)
News alerts on piracy with links to the news source.

ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre (ISC)
– Established under the ReCAAP Agreement,  ReCAAP ISC provides detailed data and periodic reports and alerts on incidents of piracy and armed robbery, supports capacity building efforts and cooperative arrangements among its Contracting Parties.

Additional Topics

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