Marine Protected Areas in Malaysia

Marine Protected Areas in MALAYSIA

– Source: Asean Regional Centre for Biodiveristy Conservation, 2002.

Background facts

National Peninsular Sarawak Sabah
Coastline 4,675 km
(WRI no date)
Population 22,679,516M 18.309M 2.1279M 2.242M
(Gazetteer, no date)
Population density 61/km2 (as of 1997, World Bank, 1999)
Land area (km2) 330,355 132,750 123,985 73,620
Shelf to 200m depth 373,500 km2 (Abu Talib
and Alias 1997)
EEZ 475,600 km2
Est. Coral Reef Area 4,000 (Burke et al. 2002)
Est. Mangrove Area 6,412 km2 1,090 km2 1,667 km2 3,655 km2
(Chan et al. 1993) (Spalding et al. 1997)
MPA Coverage 54 km2 (0.8%) 0.3% of 0.2% of 1.3% of
of mangroves sub-zone sub-zone sub-zone
in 12 MPAs VI-22’s 8’s III-18’s
mangrove mangrove mangrove


Marine Protected Areas in Malaysia


List of marine protected areas (table)


Reefs at risk

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