Territorial Claims – Maps

9-Dash Line Map – PRC
9-Dash Line Map – Taiwan
Before and After: The South China Sea Transformed
China Claims A Big Backyard
China’s New Military Installations in the Spratlys, 2015
Chinese Building Projects in the South China Sea, 2015 – Images and Analysis
Disputed Claims in the South China Sea – AFP
EEZ Claims and Hydrocarbon Resources – NGS
EEZ Claims and Hydrocarbon Resources
EEZ Limits in the Indian Ocean Basin – Forbes
Exploration Blocks Offshore Vietnam – Buszynski and Iskander
Interactive Map and Gazetteer of the Spratly Islands – southchinasea.org
Joint Seismic Survey Area – Buszynski and Iskander
Maritime Claims and Agreements, US State Department, 2013
Overlapping EEZ Claims and Oil Fields – southchinasea.org
Resource Sharing – Four Scenarios – Valencia et al
South China Sea Claims – Forbes
South China Sea Islands – University of Texas
South China Sea Tables and Maps – US EIA
Sovereignty Claims and Agreements in the South China Sea – US DoD, 2012
Spratly Islands – Conflicting Claims – southchinasea.org
Spratley Islands – Taiwan
Spratly Islands – U of Texas
Taiwan’s Boundary Claims – Postal Stamp Images
Territorial Claims in the south China Sea – R.B. Cribb
Territorial Disputes in Waters near China, NYTimes, 2014
Unclaimed Areas of the South China Sea – Ji Guoxing

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